Jeff Mayweather: “I can transform Ronda Rousey’s striking in just 3 months!!”

Jeff Mayweather: “I can transform Ronda Rousey’s striking in just 3 months!!”



Back when Ronda Rousey’s star was shining brighter than ever Joe Rogan was recorded saying:

“I think if Ronda Rousey and Bryan Caraway talked enough s**t and they decided to go at it, I don’t have any problem with that if they both agree to it.”

Joe Rogan promptly doubled down on the claim Ronda could outbox many men in UFC the following year saying to ESPN:

“There’s a lot of guys her size she could beat,” said Rogan. “I mean, a lot. If you took the roster of the UFC’s bantamweights, 135 pounds, and you paired them up against Ronda Rousey, she might be able to beat 50 percent of them. That’s not a joke.”

“The ability to take punches is a significant difference,” said Rogan. “The structure of the face, the muscles in the neck. Women just cannot take the same kind of punches that men can. That’s the only reason why I only give Ronda a chance at beating 50 percent of the men. If she could take the kind of punches that some of these guys might possibly land it might get up to like 60 percent. She’s a truly special talent.”

Dana White even called her the female version of Mike Tyson but nowadays she’s heavily under fire for the two of her latest performances.

Still former boxing pro Jeff Mayweather still thinks there’s plenty of potential in Ronda :

“If she continues doing what she’s doing with the same guy, she’s not gonna get no better. That’s already proven.”


“I would say probably, maybe two to three months,” Mayweather added when talking about how long it would take to fix Rousey’s boxing technique. “She knows how to fight, but it’s just that she hasn’t been taught the right way, that’s all. So I don’t think it would take that long.”

Mayweather previously worked with Mohammed Lawal and Roy Nelson so it’s not entirely farfetched he could get a shot.

Still Rousey’s ex, resident podcaster and former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub believes she won’t be changing coaches:

“She’s never ever done that in her career, and you expect her to do that while she’s shooting all these movies and sh*t? It doesn’t work like that. If that’s not your cup of tea, it’s not going to help you. There’s so many factors, it’s such an intimate relationship between a coach and a fighter. It’s like that scene from the avatar, when they plug their hair in to the horse. If you don’t gel, it’s not going to work. That’s why she’s so loyal to Edmond even though he’s so bad. And he really is terrible.”
“He has no business being her coach. The other guys and women he’s coaching are terrible. You look at how he ruined Travis Browne’s career. Even though he beat me, he’s a terrible fighter now, even though he did beat me. He had more talent than anyone who came through that gym, including Ronda. His career is going down the drain. His footwork is just gone, and he’s going to get cut if he loses to Derrick Lewis, especially with how much they pay him.”