High Level Champions from Judo, Wrestling, Sambo & MMA to Compete in Ocean BJJ Pro, an illustrious Italian PRO jiu-jitsu No Gi tournament

High Level Champions from Judo, Wrestling, Sambo & MMA to Compete in Ocean BJJ Pro, an illustrious Italian PRO jiu-jitsu No Gi tournament

The Ocean BJJ Pro Championship, an illustrious Italian PRO jiu-jitsu No Gi tournament, is garnering significant attention with the registration of champions from various combat sports for its trial events. This move has inspired athletes from disciplines like MMA, Judo, Sambo, and Wrestling to participate in the Ocean trials, bringing a rich diversity of talent to the competition.

Major Grappling stars from wrestling, Judo , Sambo and MMA call to participate in Ocean BJJ Pro:


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Highlighting the lineup are:

  1. Matteo Marconcini (Judo): A former member of the Italian national team, Marconcini secured fifth place at the Rio Olympics in the 81 KG category and has multiple international accolades. He’ll be competing in the 3rd Trial on April 20.
  2. Carlo Pedersoli (MMA): Known for his time in the UFC and Bellator, Pedersoli is now a welterweight title contender in Cage Warriors. He’s set to participate in the 6th Trial on June 16.
  3. Daniele Scatizzi (MMA): A Bellator veteran now making waves as a semifinalist in the PFL European lightweight tournament, Scatizzi is also scheduled for the 6th Trial on June 16.
  4. Dario Bellandi (MMA): The current Cage Warriors middleweight champion, Bellandi will showcase his skills in the 3rd Trial on April 20.
  5. Luca Iovine (MMA): An international featherweight MMA veteran, Iovine will be part of the competition in the 6th Trial on June 16.
  6. Salvatore Mingoia (Judo): A former member of the Italian national team, in under 66 and 73 Kg, with European podiums under his belt, Mingoia is joining the 6th Trial on June 16.
  7. Roberto Terranova (Sambo): The current absolute Italian Sambo vice-champion in the 79Kg category, Terranova will compete in the 5th Trial on May 5.
  8. Emanuele Bruno (Judo): Known for his European and international titles in judo i under 73 Kg, Bruno recently set a Guinness World Record for the most over-the-shoulder martial arts throws in one minute. His trial date is yet to be announced.
  9. Luca Svaicari (Greco-Roman Wrestling): As the current absolute Italian champion for Greco-Roman wrestling at 97 Kg and a member of the Italian national team, Svaicari will participate in the Rome trial. He has extensive experience in UWW European and World Championships.
  10. Claudio Conti (Sambo) Claudio has a background ranging from MMA to BJJ under Roger Gracie, but it’s undeniable that his training also extends to Sambo, so much so that he became the current absolute Italian Sambo vice-champion in 2024 in this discipline, in the 98Kg category.

These exceptional athletes will be joining a field already populated by international grappling superstars like Manuel Pilato, Edoardo Honegger, Fabio Pititto, Moritz Kollensperger, and Jakub Najdek, among many others.

In a thrilling development, global BJJ and grappling elites, including recent IBJJF world champions and ADCC medalists, have been invited by the Ocean BJJ promotion to face the trial winners in the semifinals. The event promises very soon to feature some of the biggest names in the sport, creating an unprecedented and highly anticipated showdown in the world of martial arts.


The first international no-gi Pro Brazilian jiu-jitsu event, the Ocean BJJ Pro Championship, is open to all competitors, the tournament is visiting eight cities across Italy and features a total prize pool of over €23,000.

Organized by the Unione Italia Jiu Jitsu (UIJJ), the Ocean BJJ Pro Championship aims to promote the sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Under the leadership of UIJJ President Dario Bacci and project manager Fabrizio Forconi, the event will complement UIJJ’s existing open tournaments throughout the year. With substantial cash prizes and top international athletes, the Ocean BJJ Pro Championship seeks to compete amongst the largest no-gi events globally.


According to Dario Bacci, modern sports increasingly emphasize entertainment and broad audience appeal. “The objective is to engage younger fans through compelling media presentations and contexts befitting today’s environment,” he said. “BJJ is not immune to these trends. Given UIJJ’s successes and the support of the Italian Judo Federation, now is the right time to bring a tested format strengthening BJJ’s credibility worldwide to Italy.”

“It’s the first time in Italy, but I believe quite likely in all of Europe, that so many active athletes from different disciplines have been brought together in a single no-gi championship of this format!” adds Fabrizio Forconi, Event Manager of Ocean.

“Working in a highly professional environment like that of the UIJJ (Unione Italiana Jiu Jitsu) of Dario Bacci, along with long-standing professionals and friends like Davide Zenodocchio (IT Manager) and Eugenio Fravili (Head of Logistics), has made my role in turning Ocean into a reality already launched in the Olympus of major world specialty promotions easier.”



Designed for widespread participation, the event includes two phases. Eight qualifying trials across Italy in early 2024 will determine winners of the +80kg and -80kg divisions, each earning €10,000. Champions can increase their prize by €3,000 for top performances. The finals later in 2024 will pit the trials winners against top international stars in two absolute categories, each worth €10,000 plus sponsor bonuses.

Several strategies have been implemented to achieve this:

  1. Prize Money: The substantial prize pool is designed to be attractive enough for athletes to prioritize Ocean events in their competitive season.
  2. Rules Emphasizing Submissions: The tournament regulations are structured to prioritize finishing moves.
  3. Trial Tournaments: These allow standout athletes to progress to the finals through a series of exciting qualifying events.
  4. Special Bonuses: These include a thousand euros for the fastest and most impressive finishes, as well as for the first competitor to defeat an “invited” opponent.

How the Trials Work

The championship features 8 trial events, which will select 56 athletes for the semi-finals. From there, the 8 finalists competing for the cash prize will be determined.

Trial Dates

  • 10 March 2024: First Trial in Pistoia. Done
  • 24 March 2024: Second Trial in Milan. Done
  • 20 April 2024: Third Trial in Siena
  • 21 April 2024: Fourth Trial in Bologna
  • 5 May 2024: Fifth Trial in Venice
  • 16 June 2024: Sixth Trial in Rome

This tournament structure highlights the sport’s professional potential and the opportunities for athletes to earn a living through grappling competitions.