Gordon Ryan Exposes Olympic Wrestling Champion Gable Stevenson Empty Challenges To Face Him

Gordon Ryan Exposes Olympic Wrestling Champion Gable Stevenson Empty Challenges To Face Him

Gable Steveson, renowned for his wrestling successes – including an Olympic gold medal – expressed his openness to testing his grappling skills against none other than Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rodriguez!

It was during a recent appearance on the “Jaxxon Podcast” alongside Quinton Jackson and Laura Sanko that Steveson entertained the idea of facing off against Ryan and Rodriguez in grappling matches.

Despite his limited experience in Jiu-Jitsu, Steveson was excited and more than willing to learn:

I mean, any guy would do it.
I mean, what’s the problem with that?

[I don’t know Jiu-Jitsu], but I’ll get it.

Gordon Ryan had already previously engaged in a mixed-rules bout against wrestler Pat Downey; displaying the crossover appeal between wrestling and submission grappling.

Steveson has won multiple Big Ten Conference titles and has been recognized as the Big Ten Wrestler of the Year.

BJJ No Gi GOAT Gordon Ryan recently disclosed conversations with a promoter that reveal the backstory behind the failed arrangement of a high-profile grappling match against Olympic gold medalist wrestler Gable Steveson.

The discussion began with promoter Mike Sears of Flograppling reaching out to Steveson about a potential grappling match, highlighting the opportunity for a significant clash between top athletes in their respective sports.

Sears messaged, “Gable, this is Mike Sears from Flo. You always comment you wanna compete on my ig and apparently had a talk w the fanatics guys about it. If you’re interested, let me know about when and what ruleset. Would be a huge crossover. Best jiu jitsu heavyweight vs best wrestling heavyweight.”

Ryan, open to the idea, suggested discussing dates and financial details.

The ensuing conversation suggested both parties were initially interested in setting up the match.

Despite this, Ryan later expressed frustration, indicating that despite his efforts to finalize the match, he often received no response, pointing to a lack of commitment from the other side.

The collapse of these negotiations has left fans speculating and disappointed, as they had been looking forward to this unique showdown. Despite his inexperience in submission grappling, Steveson has expressed interest in facing Ryan and Nicky Rod in a recent podcast, adding to the ongoing intrigue around the potential matchup.