EBI 7 Bracket Breakdown

EBI 7 Bracket Breakdown



One of the favorites to win it all is definitely the former EBI champion Eddie “Wolverine” Cummings. While Eddie Cummings has a complete game he opts to collect legs almost exclusively. He believes that his success is owed to the fact that much of jiu-jitsu world has a certain disdainful attitude toward leg locks. Cummings firmly believes that the only place to train is John Danaher’s.


Sergio Hernandez is Eddie’s first opponent. As is, Sergio’s game is quite unorthodox so it’ll certainly be interesting what comes from this match up. Hernandez is no stranger to inverting and donkey guard type of situations. It should be interesting to see how this turns out given how Danaher’s system details a lot of specific entries.


Ara Muradyan is, in words of Eddie Bravo, the most technical featherweight. Chad George is replacing Kim Terra (who is absent due to injury) and will be the first obstacle for Ara Muradyan.

watch Ara’s impressive show of strength:


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Mike Davilla is representing Marcelo Garcia. He’s a brown belt but he’s been known to tap out a black belt or two. He’s looking to prove his legitimacy through the face of against Brazilian, Joao Marinho from GFTeam

Next wing of the bracket is the faceoff between Baret Yoshida and Alex Ecklin. Baret Yoshida is a ADCC medalist and who drew with Jeff Glover at Metamoris IV after not being sure how to approach Donkey guard. He also ventured into MMA with mixed results.

Joe Soto is a former EBI finalist and UFC star but in the first round he will be facing guillotine specialist – Bill “The Grill” Cooper.


Denny Prokopos is cutting weight for the first time to for this event. He’ll be trying to take back the title that’s left 10th Planet’s position quite a while ago – last 3 EBIs were won by the Danaher Death Squad members. Jose Gutiarez of Checkmat HQ will be his first opponent.

Rafael Domingos was in the finals of EBI 5 against Garry Tonon and in this weight class he could take it all. UK based Ashley Williams had many people lobbying to get him a spot on the bracket, perhaps more than anyone else.

To top it off there’s also former 10th Planet EBI champion Geo Martinez, one of the quickest black belt promotions in the world. He’ll be facing off East Coast’s Mikey Main.



The possibilities for the semifinals are endless. Who would you like to see in the finale?