Craig Jones Explains What went Wrong In Palhares Match Up

Craig Jones Explains What went Wrong In Palhares Match Up

Craig Jones scored a moral victory if anything over Rousimar Palhares. Recently Palhares revealed he hated how the match went ie how much he was not engaging and generally just framing while kneeling.

As Jones re told it – initially that epic picture of Toquinho came out.


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Here’s how Craig Jones initially captioned it:

A lot of hype, a lot of lying about size and a lot of passivity. That match left me feeling the way I’ve no doubt left a lot of women feeling over the years, unsatisfied.

Well as it turned out Palhares offered two excuses for coming out to New York looking massive – he thought there was no weight limit for jiu jitsu fights and also his doctor (unverified person claiming to be a doctor) came and said Palhares cannot cut weight due to his terrible experience cutting last time to 170 for MMA.

So that left Jones competing with a massive looking Palhares. Jones chuckled discussing Palhares’ physique saying:

“It’s hard to get st*roids for myself when he’s out there doing every bit available on the streets” much to the chagrin of Verbal tap hosts.

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