Building Stronger Legs For Jiu-Jitsu with Kettlebells

Building Stronger Legs For Jiu-Jitsu with Kettlebells

Many athletes focus more on strengthening their upper body instead of focusing on their lower body. While strong shoulders, arms, chest and core are very important in Jiu-Jitsu, a strong base which starts from the legs may be the most important part. “Power comes from the legs” is not just a cliche, it’s really true. Without strong legs you will not be able to generate a strong throw or takedown in a stand up phase. Without strong legs, your guard might be tricky and flexible, but it will lack the necessary power to battle a powerful opponent.

Over the years there have been hundreds and hundreds of fitness and strength training fads that have come and gone but the kettlebell stays strong. This is simply because Kettlebell training works.

Kettlebells are a fantastic training tool for grapplers because they work pretty much every single muscle in the body – just like grappling.

Here is a great leg workout using the Kettlebell:

~The Workout~
a) Banded Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift (5 reps)
b) Double Kettlebell Clean & Squat (5 reps)
c) Goblet Clean & Squat to Reverse Lunge (5 reps)
d) Double Hand Swing (5 reps)
e) Deadlift (5 reps)
f) Bodyweight Squat (5 reps)
[Rest 2-3 Minutes Between Rounds – Do 3 Rounds Total] **Weight Used During Workout: Banded Deadlift – 97 lb. & Remaining Routine: 71 lb.**

In this Kettlebell program package Matt D’Aquino will show you how to use kettlebells to develop your power, strength, explosiveness, core and grip strength to help you train at a higher intensity for longer!