BJJ Coach Shows His Science Backed Night Routine For Optimal Health

BJJ Coach Shows His Science Backed Night Routine For Optimal Health

Tim Welch, the owner and head coach at Red Hawk Academy, shares his ultimate night routine designed to enhance health, boost performance, and improve overall well-being. This routine, backed by scientific principles, aims to help viewers wake up feeling energized, creative, and in better health.

Setting the Scene for Relaxation

Welch begins his night routine by creating a calming environment at home. He uses red lights, including a Mito red light and additional lights from Amazon, to make his eyes feel relaxed. He prepares his bedroom with a chili pad for optimal sleeping temperature and an air filter to purify the air. To block blue light, he dons his preferred blue light blockers from RA Optics.

Dietary Considerations

Dinner plays a key role in Welch’s routine. He focuses on a high-protein diet with fruits, favoring elk burgers for their health benefits. He also emphasizes the importance of magnesium, using supplements from Thorn to aid relaxation and digestion. For hydration, he chooses quality water from Mountain Valley.

Tea for Better Sleep

A special tea, learned from Tim Ferris and modified by Welch, is part of his nighttime ritual. The tea includes apple cider vinegar, known for aiding digestion, a nighttime tea bag, and raw honey. This combination is his go-to for ensuring quality sleep.

Disconnecting for the Night

Welch makes a point to disconnect from electronic devices by 8:30-8:45 PM. He places his phone away from his bed and turns on airplane mode to reduce EMF exposure. He also avoids keeping other electronics around his bed.

Balancing Temperature with Hot and Cold

An integral part of Welch’s routine includes alternating between a hot tub and a cold plunge. The hot tub helps relax his muscles, especially beneficial for his healing Achilles, while the cold plunge at about 39°F helps him cool down before bed.

Dental Care

Welch uses Justin Ingredients Minerals for brushing his teeth. He finds that it helps remineralize his teeth and reduces sensitivity.

Tim Welch concludes his routine emphasizing the importance of a good night’s sleep for overall health. He stresses the benefits of avoiding caffeine past 2 PM, having a room conducive to sleep, and using blue light blockers. His routine is designed to ensure that he wakes up with more energy, creativity, and a better mood.

Tim Welch’s ultimate night routine is a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. It combines dietary considerations, environmental adjustments, and a conscious effort to disconnect from technology, culminating in a ritual that promises improved sleep and overall health. This routine is a testament to Welch’s dedication to optimizing his health and performance.