BJJ Advice: Don’t Rush, Use Your Time When You Have Pressure…

BJJ Advice: Don’t Rush, Use Your Time When You Have Pressure…

So you’ve invested all of that time and effort into trying to pass the opponent’s guard, and now you’ve finally managed to do it… But you rush things too much.
You go for the transition or for the submission way too soon and then, you lose the position and have to fight hard (again) to get into a more favorable one.

This just goes to show that BJJ isn’t just about the explosiveness and taking advantage of the moment. Rather, it’s about being patient and taking advantage of the situation you’re already in.
What this means, for example, is that you should use your pressure and take your time.

John Danaher explains further:

Take your time when you have pressure positioning – time becomes a weapon when an opponent is under duress.

There are some situations where speed and quickness are a virtue, but when you have top pressure in your favor, deliberate slowing of the pace is what you want.
Patience and deliberation are your virtues here.


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So, the next time you’re in Side Control, Mount, or when you have the mat… Take your time. There’s no need to rush to the submission.
Breathe, relax, and make your training partners or opponents suffer. Make them make a mistake or create an opening.

And then go for it.