Andre Galvao gives His Secret For Making a Rear Naked Choke Work

Andre Galvao gives His Secret For Making a Rear Naked Choke Work

Andre Galvao is one of the most successful bjj competitors of all time. The head of Atos is famous for being one of the rare competitors able to be top notch competitors and at the same time exceptional coach and support for his students.

Galvao recently shared some secrets on how to make the RNC work and step up your game:


In this position professor Andre Galvao demonstrates how to apply a rear naked choke.

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While competitive spirit lives strongly in Atos Gyms it isn’t everything according to the latest interview by Galvao.

“I think competition is my life since I started training jiu-jitsu I compete and love it. I think some are born as competitors and I like to be the first one in everything that I do.

Of course it’s really important to know how to learn how to lose, learn how to deal with a loss. And I think that competition teaches you that. The struggles that I have, that I had in competitions it taught me a lot in life as well. And for me jiu jitsu is the most beautiful martial art that I met.”


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