UFC’s Renato Moicano Praised By Jordan Peterson: “Unspeakably Great”

UFC’s Renato Moicano Praised By Jordan Peterson: “Unspeakably Great”

Renato Moicano secured his third consecutive UFC victory with a remarkable win over Jalin Turner at UFC 300.

However, it was Turner who first landed a devastating right hook, sending Moicano crashing to the floor.
Then, Turner then made a critical error – he turned his back to celebrate, assuming Moicano was finished.

Referee Herb Dean allowed the fight to continue.
Less than a round later, he emerged victorious after taking Turner down and unleashing a barrage of ground and pound.

Following his win, Moicano took the microphone to offer fans unexpected advice on economic matters:

I love private property, and let me tell you something…

If you care about your fu*king country, read Ludwig Von Mises and the 6 lessons of the Austrian Economic School, motherfu*kers!

Moicano’s remarks caught the attention of podcast host John Vallis, who shared a clip of Moicano’s post-fight comments.

The clip then reached Canadian psychologist Jordan B. Peterson, who praised Moicano’s unexpected insight:

This is unspeakably great.

What a world. The satirists are Christian, the left shills for Big Pharma…
And the deadly boxers have become profound economic philosophers.

Moicano took to social media to thank Peterson for his comments:

I can not believe Jordan Peterson the man himself retweeted this!
Thank you so much doctor Peterson.