Kade Ruotolo Says His MMA Debut Is Coming Soon: “Looking Like June 4th”

Kade Ruotolo Says His MMA Debut Is Coming Soon: “Looking Like June 4th”

It’s looking like Kade Ruotolo’s octagon debut is coming sooner than some may have expected!

During a recent JAXXON PODCAST episode, Ruotolo revealed that the match could take place as early as June 4th:

I think the debut’s coming. It’s looking like June 4th… I believe Thailand.

We’re still getting it 100% in writing and everything, but that’s what it’s looking like.
It was going to be earlier but I think June 4th is going to be it.

(On) Amazon Prime I think, ONE Championship.

It’s still not certain who Kade’s opponent will be, but it doesn’t matter much to him:

There’s one guy that talks, we’re gonna see how it’s going with him.
Just trying to weigh out the options, there’s a couple more guys so we’ll see…

Honestly, I don’t really care you know?
I feel like a fight’s a fight, regardless of what style of fighting.

It doesn’t really matter to me; Jiu-Jitsu guy, striker, whatever.

His striking has been improving steadily, too:

I’m definitely no Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali in the hands yet but it’s been coming along for me, I’d like to say, pretty fast.

I’m definitely comfortable, that’s been the main adjustment.
I’m comfortable on my feet.