Joe Rogan Thinks UFC Fighters Should Be Able To Take Testosterone: “The USADA Thing’s A Mistake”

Joe Rogan Thinks UFC Fighters Should Be Able To Take Testosterone: “The USADA Thing’s A Mistake”

Joe Rogan, famous not just for being a UFC color commentator but also for his world-known podcast, doesn’t agree with the UFC’s work with USADA.

USADA (the United States Anti-Doping Agency) has been working with the UFC since 2015, being tasked to protect athletes by removing banned substances from use.
However, their practices have caused a divide in opinions of the MMA fanbase. Including Joe Rogan.

Namely, Rogan is against USADA’s current approach to testing athletes.
He revealed why:

There’s a six-month period USADA has to test them [the fighters] randomly, which I think the USADA thing’s a mistake.

I really think they should do all that in-house because USADA does stuff like, well they don’t do it anymore but they were doing stuff like waking guys up at 6:30 in the morning like the day of the weigh-ins and testing them.
It was f***ing insane, f***ing insane. For world title fights. F***ing insane.

Furthermore, Rogan believes that allowing athletes to use testosterone would actually be beneficial for them:

I do, too [think fighters should be able to take testosterone].

With testosterone, you can take a guy who’s an older athlete who has an older mind, who thinks like a veteran, like, they really understand the game.
Because a lot of those guys, by the time they get to that certain age, they think real well. They understand the game better, they’re more mature, but their body just doesn’t work the same anymore…

He addressed those who view using testosterone as cheating:

A lot of people have it in their head that it’s cheating, right?

They think about Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa and all that sh*t and getting busted.
And they think it’s got a negative connotation in a lot of people’s minds that testosterone replacement is: “Oh, you’re doing steroids. You’re cheating.”

But if you’re intelligent about it and if you do it with a good doctor and you get your blood work done and you don’t abuse it, it’s very good for you.