Ex-NFL Star Chad Ochocinco Challenges Max Holloway: “Let’s Spar”

Ex-NFL Star Chad Ochocinco Challenges Max Holloway: “Let’s Spar”

During a recent episode of the Night Cap podcast with Shannon Sharpe, ex-NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson expressed his desire to challenge none other than UFC’s Max Holloway.

Sharpe – the co-host – immediately said that it would take Holloway no more than 30 seconds to put Ochocinco to sleep.
Ochocinco responded with a call-out:

Max Holloway, if you see this…
If you have any time during your break before your next fight, let’s spar.

Let’s get some footage.
I just want to show Uncle Sharpe that I ain’t with the bullsh*t.

Congratulations, but please.

And, even though Sharpe attempted to explain that there are levels to the game of MMA, Ochocinco remained undeterred:

Man, I’ll thump Max Holloway’s chin.
Don’t be playin’ me like that.

I’m out the city. What you talking about?
I’m built for that.

Surprisingly enough, Ochocinco – renowned for his successful NFL career – is no stranger to combat sports.

Specifically, he has participated in a four-round exhibition boxing match against Brian Maxwell, on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul undercard in 2021.