Chael Sonnen Roasts Jon Jones: “There’s A Level Of Stupid That’s Hard To Achieve”

Chael Sonnen Roasts Jon Jones: “There’s A Level Of Stupid That’s Hard To Achieve”

Jon Jones recently disclosed his decision to decline a headline spot at the much-anticipated UFC 300 event, due to an incomplete recovery from a torn pectoral muscle sustained in October 2023.
And, well, Chael Sonnen appears to be baffled by Jones’ comments:

I would just have absolutely no idea what goes through that guy’s head.

Like, there’s a level of stupid that’s really hard to achieve, right?
I mean, it’s hard. And in fairness, I wouldn’t know.

Sonnen says that he doesn’t really understand the motive behind Jones’ decision…
Suggesting that he wasn’t really offered the headline spot:

When would it be OK for Jon to claim that he was offered a main event at UFC 300? When would that be okay to claim?
When he wasn’t.

You have a heavyweight champion of the world who is amongst the best to have ever done it, in any weight class.
Heavyweight sucks, so it’s not like a compliment to say: “He’s the best heavyweight ever.”

No, man, I’m talking about a real compliment to Jon — just one of the best to ever do it, period.

So now he comes out and he outs the organization.
He just outs the organization: “Hey man, these guys don’t have a main event.”

Chael explains that Jones’ actions could have repercussions on the UFC:

He didn’t say anything that could be helpful.
He only said one detail that could harm the company.

They don’t have a main event and they’re scrambling, which means any of you that are getting an alike phone call, negotiate hard, they need you.