Woodley Wants 7 Figures To Face Demian Maia in Brazil

Woodley Wants 7 Figures To Face Demian Maia in Brazil



Tyron Woodley knows how much he is risking by accepting a Demian Maia match. This is why he’s reportedly asking for 7 figures!

Woodley spoke with the MMA Hour confirming just that:

“Someone needs to talk to me first,” said Woodley“I haven’t talked with anyone, you have to talk to the champion, first. You can issue whatever challenge you want to issue out, but you have to talk to me.”

“I’m not against fighting Demian Maia. I think out of all the guys in the top 10, that are really threatening guys, whether they are knockout, submission, or just their ability to be tough, I match up the best with him. I’ve fought that style so many times, trained against it. My last five fights have been against southpaws. I’ve seen it so many times.”

prior to UFC 2011 Tyron Woodley confirmed likely match up for him was between Masvidal and Maia.

“It didn’t interest me, it didn’t make my adrenaline pump,” he said. “To be honest, neither one of those guys interested me because they are trying to build their brand, I’m trying to build my brand up and I feel my brand is further than theirs is.”



In addition to this Woodley said that Maia’s takedown and position heavy style doesn’t lend itself to the type of fight he wants to give the fans- especially after the double flop he delivered against Stephen Wonderboy Thompson.

“You want me to fight this guy, tell me where’s he’s marketable at, Brazil?” asked Maia. “If you offer me a fight against Demian Maia in Brazil, do not come to me for less than seven figures to show.”

“I am not traveling to another country, different time zone, whatever, to fight him in his own element. I’m the champion. Outside of that, International Fight Week is a good week. The fight with Jon Jones and ‘DC’ is a good week, too.”