Ronda Rousey Breaks Silence, Gets Support From Unlikely Source

Ronda Rousey Breaks Silence, Gets Support From Unlikely Source



It seems as though everyone has more to say about Ronda Rousey these days than Ronda. Indeed it hasn’t been the easiest time for the inaugural UFC women’s bantamweight champion but it’s not all bad either – UFC 207 raked in a pile of money confirming her status as a superstar.

Rousey took it upon herself to share a quote from the prolific Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling :


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But with plenty of celebs in the MMA world and outside of it she’s found unlikely supporters in several former rivals including Cris Cyborg and Cat Zingano.


Indeed where many have struggled Ronda broke into mainstream virtually immediately and made herself a household name all over the world doing MMA a huge favor. Especially considering how it’s unlikely alliance with the president elect might be alienating it from the liberals.

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“Amanda was great, she went out there and beat her decisively, quickly,” Zingano told MMA Fighting. “Immediately when the fight was stopped I was like, damn, good show. Props. And then, within two minutes, my entire impression and everything changed. Because as soon as they handed Amanda the microphone she just started going off, and being completely disrespectful and being an a**hole, being like, ‘forget Ronda, forget Ronda.’

“It’s like, first of all, if there was no Ronda there would be no Amanda. No one would know who the hell you are, and we wouldn’t be here today. And on top of that, Ronda as an athlete, she found a way. She found a way to get us in, and it was by being an a**hole. And it was by being entertaining, whether it was positive or negative, she gave everybody what they wanted to see, which was either to hate to love her, or love to hate her. She gave that to people.”