Powerlifting Champ Chad Smith on Dropping in with Danaher Death Squad & How He Syncs Powerlifting and BJJ training

Powerlifting Champ Chad Smith on Dropping in with Danaher Death Squad & How He Syncs Powerlifting and BJJ training

350lbs Powerlifting Champion Chad Wesley Smith competed at Jiu Jitsu Worlds.

He recently visited the Renzo Gracie blue basement class hoping to prep for competition. There he was exposed to John Danaher’s coaching. Reportedly Wesley Smith is dying to get Danaher on his podcast!




As for lifting and bjj Chad Wesley Smith is saying he doesn’t necessarily train both at the same time!

” I’m not trying to simultaneously prepare for powerlifting competition and jiu-jitsu tournaments. But I am you know lifting, lifting pretty hard lifts – four days a week right now. Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday. Monday is mostly dedicated to the deadlift and back training, Wednesday’s benchpress and accessory upper body work Fridays for the squat and other lower body training and then
Saturday a secondary benchpress day.

With jiu-jitsu on top of that I typically train on Monday nights where I do that advanced class at my school Gracie Barra headquarters in Irvine, California. And that’ll be you know some drillings, some specific training, some guard rotations, some live rolling after that I’m normally training about an hour and a half on Monday night. Come back on Tuesday night and typically we’ll just do our fundamentals class so much lighter you know – lower lower belts mostly white and blue belts learn a couple techniques do a little bit you know ten fifteen a specific training at the end and then Wednesday morning I come back for some private training with my main coach Brent Littell. “


Interestingly Chad Wesley Smith is still a white belt!

“Also while I was in New York I got to train with at the Renzo Gracie Academy. Home to the Danaher Death Squad. Got to meet John Danaher, tried to get him on the podcast. He was coaching so I didn’t get too much time to talk.”

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