Marcus “Buchecha” Teaches The Best Double Leg Takedown For Jiu Jitsu

Marcus “Buchecha” Teaches The Best Double Leg Takedown For Jiu Jitsu

Marcus Buchecha is known as one of the best takedown artists in BJJ. He has incredible explosive power which he always times perfectly when going for a sweep, guard or takedown.

His double leg is highly regarded. He usually sets it up from quite far away and explodes into action. He famously took down even the great Rodolfo Vieira with a perfect double leg at the 2012 IBJJF worlds.

Inside Look At Buchecha’s Strength & Conditioning Program

The Double leg takedown is most probably the most common and high percentage takedown in BJJ and grappling.

Here are some of the key principles needed to execute a double leg takedown:

1. You need to be within arms reach before shooting in.
2. You need a level change where your going lower then your opponents mid section, but with good straight aligned posture.
3. You need a deep penetration step where your foot steps between your opponents feet.

In this video Marcus Buchecha teaches double leg used against Rodolfo Vieira on the Worlds 2012 and talks about his idea of concept of connecting moves.

Learn how to wrestle in the gi from one of BJJ’s most successful champions ever, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida.
Buchecha explains his concepts around how to read his opponents and choosing which takedown is best, how he breaks stubborn grips, and how even much smaller fighters can still find success by focusing on these fundamentals.

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