Kit Dale Answers Why Does It Take So Long To Get A BJJ Black Belt

Kit Dale Answers Why Does It Take So Long To Get A BJJ Black Belt

BJJ Black belt is notoriously hard to get – legitimately speaking. The difference for some is vast – while someone like Kit Dale or Gordon Ryan managed to get their black belt before recommended IBJJF timeline majority of people take between 10 to 15 years.

Dale recently elaborated:

It’s got little to do with genetics, everything to do with the way you train jiu jitsu.

You’re sitting there and you’re looking for your coach to tell you exactly how to do it but you don’t have enough time to sit there and rep it a thousand times and you’ll lose. That’s how most people train.

Now if you look at the way I should have learned maths I should have learned the formula if I had alert
the formula then I could have worked out any equation. That is it the exact same in Brazilian

Dale goes on to recommend learning through trial and error.

You can listen to the entire amazing segment below:

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