Danaher: Modern 10th Planet JJ Style Is Basically Cloned After Our Own Style

Danaher:  Modern 10th Planet JJ Style Is Basically Cloned After Our Own Style

Controversy is always just around the corner in the bjj community. Such was the case this morning. After celebrating Garry Tonon’s 3rd EBI belt, and at much bigger weight than his own John Danaher went on to talk about the next challenge for Eddie “Wolverine” Cummings – and inadvertently fired shots.


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“It’s a celebration b*tches! NYC style: Actually no, the squad never celebrates victories. Tomorrow it’s back to the basement of suffering to refine and develop skills for the squad. The ADCC trials are around the corner, Eddie Cummings must step up to face the challenge of EBI 10 at a new weight of 135 pounds – against the man we consider the best of Eddie Bravo’s students – Geo Martinez. He is very interesting as an opponent because he is one of the few remaining 10th planet athletes who is really skilled in the true 10th planet system based around rubber guard/ lockdown half guard/twister rather than the modern 10th planet athletes style which is basically cloned after our own style. Mr Cummings preparation so far has been superb, but his aspirations are even higher. Then Gordon and Nicky Ryan face big superfight challenges in San Diego – so it’s back to training and development for the squad – time to turn off the disco lights and crank up the ashi garamis”

In many ways this attitude is something reflected by one of his students earlier this summer – Matt Kaplan.


To recap Kaplan voraciously attacked the Leg Lock System promoted by former UFCer Alan Belcher and 10th Planet’s very own – Nate Orchard.

But shortly after the slam video was released Kaplan was asked to take his video offline and remain mum on the topic.

It seems like now John Danaher is acknowledging the part of the critique in a roundabout way.

Of course none of this shades Geo Martinez who is one of the star pupils of Eddie Bravo having mastered the 10th Planet system (and received his black belt) in just 2 years!

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Eddie Bravo was having none of it tho! Here’s how he replied: