Cole Miller: Arona Would Be The Most Exciting Grappler Of All Time If Steroids Made For Better BJJ

Cole Miller: Arona Would Be The Most Exciting Grappler Of All Time If Steroids Made For Better BJJ



Everything that has been going on with Paolo Miyao has once again started up the discussions regarding doping in jiu-jitsu. And while many condemn Miyao – especially following his shoddy excuse about not reading English in spite of having signed both waivers there are perhaps as many who claim that doping has helped him get to the high level he’s at right now.

Cole Miller strongly disagrees – and he’d know better after all he’s a black belt under Marcos “Parrumpinha” Da Matta having gone through all previous ranks under Ricardo Liborio.



But black belt Cole Miller of American Top Team is one to have been quite outspoken about the opposite. In fact Miller writes on mma underground :


Arona would be the most exciting grappler of all time and ppl would spend their mortgages to see him fight if steroids made for better BJJ.

Yes guys on steroids get better because they can get stronger faster train more and recover better which alllows their BJJ to get better.

Only a coward(not permanently labeling the individual, they may just be one for a short time) uses juice. They know they can’t be what they want to be naturally so they turn to something to take away from what that person they want to top has(hopefully they’re doing it naturally).

What makes people special is what they have inside of them. Whether they’re born faster, stronger, great hand eye coordination, able to take pain, flexibility, mental capacity greater than others, etc. At high level sport this separates individuals and makes some worth more $$$ than others. So when you inject yourself you’re giving yourself what makes those other people valuable naturally. The answer is not “well maybe they should juice too, then they will be even better than the juicers chasing them”.

To all my Bjj brothers and sisters competing naturally, keep fighting the good fight. I look up to a lot of you.




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