BJJ Blue Belt with 62 Tournament Matches Tries Out Judo Sparring

BJJ Blue Belt with 62 Tournament Matches Tries Out Judo Sparring

“BJJ Players Will Never Reach Their Full Potential Unless They Cross Train In Other Grappling Arts.”

Judo and BJJ: Similar Jacket, different rules and mentality.

Judo training will vastly improve your Jiu-Jitsu and vice versa. However, both sports have their own set of rules and have different goals and mindset. For example, in Judo the match is won by ippon when the opponent is thrown flat on their back or when pinned on the ground for 20 seconds. For those reasons, BJJ players need to know how to “modify” and adapt Judo accordingly for BJJ.

Josh Beam, a BJJ blue belt, steped into the world of Judo at CJ Judo in San Jose, California, led by Judo black belt instructor Chuck Jefferson.

The Randori Experience:

Josh, who has competed in 62 BJJ tournament matches, wants to improve his stand-up game by diving into Judo. The video showcases his first official randori session at a Judo school, where he faces a variety of opponents, including white, blue, brown, and black belts.

Josh engages in nine rounds of randori, sparring with judokas of different belts and skill levels. This includes a challenging round with the sensei Chuck Jefferson himself.

Throughout the session, Josh focuses on staying upright, working on his feet movement, and practicing his entries. He notes the importance of adapting his stance and grips, switching from right-handed grips with a left-handed stance to a more comfortable right-handed stance.

Senei Chuck shares his wisdom, emphasizing the importance of helping each other improve in Judo. He advises white belts to focus on movement and attacks rather than aggressive fighting.

Challenges for Josh as a BJJ practitioner

Josh finds the experience intense, especially against teenage brown belts who demonstrate the high skill level achievable in Judo. He reflects on the motivation and dedication required to excel in this martial art.

Josh Beam’s venture into Judo provides valuable insights into the cross-training benefits for BJJ practitioners. The video highlights the physical and technical challenges of Judo, the importance of adaptability, and the supportive nature of the Grappling community.

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