Bernardo Faria Compares Lessons He’s Learned From Different Jiu-Jitsu Mentors

Bernardo Faria Compares Lessons He’s Learned From Different Jiu-Jitsu Mentors



Bernardo Faria is one of the most respected jiu-jitsu competitors of today. Born in 1987 in the small town in State of Minas Gerais, Brazil he started training in 2001.

This was his first exposure to an influential bjj mentor, his first coach Riacrdo Marques. Ricardo Marques is a Carlson Gracie black belt who was teaching under the Brazilian Top Team banner. When Faria talked about different coaches he’s had and what he’s learned about them with flograppling, he credits Marques with:

-Learning How to be a nice person and instructor
– All of jiu-jitsu fundamentals
– How to treat people well and create a family on the mat

Albeit slightly unorthodox credits. All of these are important none the less.



After a number of years of competing and some mixed success he got 2 silver Medals at Worlds in 2005. Soon after he became a purple belt and started his reign having won both the Brazilian National Cup and Worlds Absolute. As a result of this series of successes he was awarded the Brown belt in 2007.

Following promotion to bjj black belt in 2009 he decided to take some major steps – he moved to Sao Paolo to join a bigger team with more structure. He chose Alliance as he had a great deal of respect for Fabio Gurgel.

Fabio Gurgel has a special place in his jiu jitsu experience. According to Faria – he’s the man that taught him:

– How one mentor is important
– How to be professional and have jiu-jitsu as a successful career
– many adjustments of his jiu-jitsu with fine details

Sometime after Faria teamed up with one of the Greatest Of All Time – Marcelo Garcia whom he credits with learning:

-Dedication is the key to the success
– How to enjoy BJJ
– How to become mentally strong

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