Augusto Tanquinho: I never Put Aside Training In the Gi

Augusto Tanquinho: I never Put Aside Training In the Gi



Augusto Tanquinho Mendes has plenty of interesting events to look forward to. The celebrated bjj champ is currently signed to UFC but in addition to this he’s also preparing for Berkut’s Jiu Jitsu league and ADCC.

He told graciemag:

How do you prepare for the gi tournament when you train without for MMA and eventually for the ADCC? 

I continue to train in kimono every day, including helping in the preparation of several Soul Fighters athletes for the World Cup, so it was not a problem. I love to train in a kimono, but I know the importance of my non-kimono training for mma and I am able to reconcile well. For the ADCC I will do the same, I am already guaranteed up to 66kg and soon begin my preparation. I never put aside my kimono training, so much so that I believe my level has not diminished. I continue with a good time and I trust that I can beat any penalty-weight. Maybe my kimono competition pace is not the same, but let’s find out how I’m going to respond there in Moscow.

Tanquinho also talked a bit about what he’s expecting over at Berkut:

The invitation rolled when they decided to make GPs at all weights. Because I already made and won a superfight there in 2015 they invited me and I readily accepted it. Seeing Jiu-Jitsu becoming more professional is very cool and I’m happy to be part of this new project. I always wanted to go back to fighting Jiu-Jitsu, so much that I had plans to fight the IBJJF World Championship this year, but as I fought MMA in April and did not set up a sponsorship that made it worth it I did not fight at all. Generally speaking, I only expected a good season to coincide with my MMA fights, and that GP was good.


Winning or losing is part of life. As athletes, we should always strive to be the best version that you can be, not only to have results, but because it is what we choose to do and if you do what you set out to do, the result will sooner or later happen. Fight for you, for your family, for your team, but never forget that you fight because you love the feeling of being in the arena. ⠀⠀ Ganhar ou perder faz parte da vida. Como atletas, a gente sempre deve procurar ser a melhor versão que você pode ser, não só para ter resultados, mas porque é o que escolhemos fazer e se você fizer o que você se propõe a fazer, o resultado cedo ou tarde irá acontecer. Lute por você, pela sua família, seu time, mas nunca esqueça que você luta porque ama o sentimento de estar na arena.

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He added there are benefits to training in a GI for mma:

There are several benefits. With the kimono you refine your technique and speed of reasoning and with that your time of positions will be better, not to mention the skill that you acquire of controlling the fight using more technique than the force and explosion, facility that the no gi Brings Anyway, I’m super in favor of training in kimono for a MMA fight.