10 Ways To Relieve Back Pain For Grapplers

10 Ways To Relieve Back Pain For Grapplers

Back pain is a huge factor for anyone doing jiu-jitsu. The body goes through a variety of changes from the time you start bjj – and most of them welcome. However there’s one particularly irksome factor. Over 80% of people in bjj report experiencing chronic back pain of varying intensity.


So what quick tips for pain relief can we all apply in our downtime hoping to improve our day to day experiences outside of bjj?

  • Get into 90/90 position. You can lay down on the floor and put your legs up in 90 degree angle. Basically all you need to do for this first one is relax in this position.


  • Lie down on a surface like this propping on elbows. And possibly trying some press-ups. Pain should reduce during this


  • 3rd option relies on the 2nd one with a modification. You lie in the similar position as on the picture above, but curve your body to resemble a banana siluethe.


  • Easier version is something called “the roadkill” position. You start off laying back like this:


If and when you get comfortable in this position you can also do press ups from here to alleviate some additional pain.

To view the remaining back pain tips press play below and remember to weigh in in the comments section!



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