Watch This Funny Drunk Play Fight Between Frank Mir & Jon Jones In A Moscow Hotel


mir jones

From www.bloodyelbow.com:

Last month, UFC Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former Heavyweight champion Frank Mir headed to Russia as part of a UFC PR visit. Both men made the rounds while they were there as well as hitting up the Legends Fighting press conference. However, it looks like while they were there they decided to have a little fun fight in the hotel following an after party.

As you can see in the short video above, both men go at it in the corridor throwing punches, attacking for submissions and going for takedowns. While the conclusion isn’t shown in the video, it’s doubtful it was a serious altercation. It appears more as an impromptu sparring session and the two have a friendly history. In fact, Mir appeared on TUF 17 as Jon’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach. Regardless, it’s a fun video and you should check it out.

According to BJJ Eastern Europe’s source in Russia, who partied with them, they left without paying their 700 euro bill at the party 🙂