(Video) Rickson Gracie Tells The Yoji Anjo Challenge Match Story

(Video) Rickson Gracie Tells The Yoji Anjo Challenge Match Story

Rickson Gracie recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast for an epic 2 hour long show where he talked about everything from his son Kron, to his new federation the JJGF , to his numerous street fights and challenge matches.

He talked in detail about the infamous Yoji Anjo challenge match that happened in his academy in LA.  The only copy of the tape is held by Rickson, and he has never released it. However, he said that he would release the tape when the JJGF website hit 1 million views!

Here is the backstory:

Japanese pro wrestling superstar Nobuhiko Takada had been calling out the legendary Brazilian fighter Rickson Gracie, who did not even acknowledge him.

Yoji Anjo, a famous pro-wrestler back in Japan, headed down to LA to challenge Rickson Gracie to a fight. Yoji showed up at the academy while Rockson (Rickson’s eldest son, RIP) was there, asking where Rickson was, and refusing to leave if Rickson did not fight him. The students called called Rickson who was at home, and Rickson arrived soon after. There were tons of Japanese reporters outside, and Rickson did not allow them inside his academy.

Anjo then questioned Rickson’s honor and the two went into a room.

Rickson famously said later “If we fight for money, I’ll stop hitting you when you ask me to. If we fight for honor, I’ll stop hitting you when I feel like it.”

Only one of his students filmed the fight, which has never been available. 

Anjo was a bloody mess after the fight. This is what Rickson looked like afterwards.


Here it is straight from Rickson: