Video: Genki Sudo’s Epic 8 Man BJJ Tournament in a Japanese Temple

Video: Genki Sudo’s Epic 8 Man BJJ Tournament in a Japanese Temple

MMA legend Genki Sudo organized on August 24, 2014, an Ikkiuchi 8-man grappling tournament held in the Zenryuji Temple in Adachi, Japan.
Ikkiuchi was in homage to the old traditional Japanese tournaments but using the modern BJJ style and rules.
The matches were five minute round and a 3 minute extension if nobody submitted. There was no prize money.

Genki Sudo’s Ikkiuchi

August 24, 2014
Zenryuji Temple
Tokyo, Japan
Opening Round
Akira Hosokawa 細川顕 defeats Yoshinori Takahashi 高橋圭典 by Submission, Triangle, 1:32
Naoyoshi Watanabe 渡辺直由 defeats Ishii Taku 石井拓 by Submission, Brabo choke, 3:32
Ryuta Sakurai 桜井隆多 defeats Jun Sakamoto 坂本純 by Decision, 2-1
Hiroshi Nakamura 中村浩士 defeats Kenji Nishimoto 西本健治 by Decision, 3-0
Akira Hosokawa 細川顕 defeats Naoyoshi Watanabe 渡辺直由 by Decision, 3-0
Hiroshi Nakamura 中村浩士 defeats Ryuta Sakurai 桜井隆多 by Decision, 2-0
Akira Hosokawa 細川顕 defeats Hiroshi Nakamura 中村浩士 by Submission, Lapel choke, 2:30
Reserve match
Yuki Ito 伊藤有起 defeats Kazuyuki Kondo 近藤一行 by decision 3-0

Check out the highlight video:

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