(Video) Andre Galvao Rolling With Keenan Cornelius



This is whats Andre Galvao had to say about his training with Keenan in an interview a few months ago:

“I think that he is a very smart fighter and is creative. He is a great guy, who knows what he wants and is very dedicated. He is really helping our team. I feel that he is happy here with us.”

About teaching him:

“We are polishing some details in his Jiu-Jitsu. He is learning a big amounts of important details, despite already being a champion. And I also learned some tricks with him like some steps that he does when passing the guard, and the way he stomps the opponent’s leg. I’ll include these things in my game. We always exchange some information after practice. The kid is a beast.”

Andre Galvao and Keenan Cornelius rolling at the Atos headquarters in San Diego.