Top 7 BJJ Drills For Side Control

Photo: Alicia Photos.

Here are 7 BJJ drills focused on side control. The drills link up with one another to make sequences of movements that can be done by themselves or all together.

Each drill in the video is simple enough that it can be performed at a fast pace, which is important for developing speed with your movement.

The focus on the BJJ drills is to catch the figure 4 lock and then attack with the grip.

In the video you will see

-Step Over Movement
-Standing Surfboard Pass
-Surfboard Pass From The Knees
-Step Over to Shin Pin Kimura
-Shin In Armbar
-Armbar Back Take
-Giftwrap Backtake

Movement drills like these will really help your game and allow you to speed up the drilling process. This allows you to achieve lots of repetitions in a relatively short period of time. The faster pace of the drilling adds stress to the technique.

By adding little bits of stress to the techniques through faster drills. You make it more likely that you will hit them during training.