Side Control Escape – Most Common Mistakes


Top BJJ black belt Jonathan Thomas aka Macarrao gives some good tips on common mistakes when escaping side control:


I think recomposing is one of the most important aspects of your game that is commonly overlooked. People are always
concerned with like positions like spider guard, worm guard things like that but to be a really successful in
competition you have to have constant or consistent defense. Your ability to stop the guy from passing is one of the most important things.
I started from Judo and the only time when we did the ground was when we were escaping from pins, so and I noticed that when I compete even, when guys get like almost all the way around my guard, all the way to side I can generally get out like an under three seconds which makes it practically impossible for people to pass.

So I just want to show maybe three or four details that I think are really commonly overlooked and haven’t been shown in many other places that will help you guys out a lot.

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