Rickson Gracie Secret: Side Control Escape Great vs Big Guys

Rickson Gracie Secret: Side Control Escape Great vs Big Guys

The person who knows Rickson Gracie’s style inside out is Henry Akins, the third American to receive a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt from Rickson Gracie. Akins trained under Rickson Gracie for 15 years (more than anybody else outside of the Gracie family). Akins became the head instructor or “Professor” at the Rickson Gracie Academy from 2005 to 2008 before resigning due to a back injury.


Henry Akins and Rickson Gracie

Akins has recently released an instructional website called Hidden Jiu-Jitsu where for the first time ever, he reveals the secret details that nobody outside of the Gracie family has been taught. He teaches concepts of weight distribution and escapes from pressure positions that will make you say: Why the heck was I never taught this stuff?? It’s different than everything most of us have learned in BJJ.

Henry told BJJEE about what he learned from Rickson about how to escape anybody’s cross side position. Never, ever, get stuck on the bottom of side control again…
even with big guys… especially with big guys!:


“First things first…. Rickson sees and does things different than the average Joe.

And in turn… just like every other position we see, engage with and refer to this position is seen differently as well… from here forward its not “side mount” its “Cross Side”…

I’m not saying this to debate semantics just to avoid any confusion.
When most people say “side mount”, Rickson, Myself and my Students say “Cross Side” and inside this Cross Side Escapes Course you’ll get to see first hand WHY we see the position DIFFERENTLY.

By far the most common question I get asked is… “Henry how do I get out of side control when I’m stuck there?”

Even to this day I have Brown and Black Belts ask me this question not just white belts. The answer is simple yet complex.

The first point to understand is that if you’re EVER getting put flat On your back something is WRONG and that fundamental flaw in your Jiu Jitsu needs to be FIXED immediately.

Its understanding this ONE fundamental that:

A. Lets you avoid getting Stuck on the bottom and

B. Reverse engineer your way to escaping when you do.

Remember I don’t see Jiu Jitsu as a “sport” its about life and death.

So when I say “this is how to avoid and or escape Cross Side (side control) I mean “this is how to avoid being maimed or KILLED when you end up on the bottom”

If it works to save your life you can bet your last dollar it’ll win you a tournament.

The TRUTH about the cross side (side control) position is your Opponent THINKS he has ALL the advantages. And while it is Certainly the dominant position in the exchange there are weaknesses in the position that very very few people in Jiu Jitsu know how to exploit.

This is not some “theoretical idea” about cross side. What I’m saying is this…

By using the tools and escapes in this module I GUARANTEE your regular training partners will Start to AVOID trying to put you in cross side (side control).


hidden 1


They will be so frustrated and fearful from repeatedly LOSING control of the position so many times in a row they will begin to think “passing your guard and trying to get to side control is a BAD idea I’m gonna try something else”

Whether you’re a white belt who’d prefer to learn your cross side escapes RIGHT the FIRST time around or if you’re a belt of color who’d love nothing more than to make cross side an “impossible dream” for any opponent…

My “Crow Bar” Side Control (Cross Side) Escape System” is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If you like hearing training partners respond with ….

◦ -WTF?

◦ -How’d you do that?

◦ -Can you show me that?

• -Nobody’s EVER done that to me

Then this is the ONLY systematic approach to escaping and Cross side (side control) you need: