Pressure Passing 101: Concepts and Details

Pressure Passing 101: Concepts and Details

Photo: BJJ Freaks.

Written by Mike Palladino of Evolution Grappling Academy.

Pressure passing is one of the highest percentage ways of Passing Guard in BJJ. If you look at high level competitions, a very large number of guard passes are initiated from the half guard. In this video Mike Palladino of Evolution Grappling Academy goes over some of the finer details of Pressure Passing.

I made this video last night for grapplers who may have trouble passing guard. At purple belt, I found myself struggling to pass the guards of equal or higher caliber practitioners. It was Pressure Passing that completely changed not only the way I passed guard, but my effectiveness of passing.

These details and “concepts” really helped:


1. ALWAYS HAVE THE FAR-SIDE UNDERHOOK! -This keeps your oppenent flat.

2. BE ON THE BALL OF YOUR FREE LEG WITH HIPS LOW – This allows you to drive pressure forward and post for base

3. USE THE CROSSFACE TO PULL OPPONENT TOWARDS YOU – Grab your opponent by their lat, pull them towards you so that your cross-facing elbow is off of the mat.

4. SHOULDER JAB – This reduces all the space and cuts slack

5. DRIVE PRESSURE – Creates discomfort

6. KNEE ABOVE SEA LEVEL -Steers your knee into the cut.


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