Inside Evolve Singapore, World’s Most Luxurious BJJ Academy

Inside Evolve Singapore, World’s Most Luxurious BJJ Academy


 Evolve MMA Far East Branch (Singapore)

Evolve has 4 top locations in Singapore. All are designed by one of the top design firms in Singapore, Evolve Far East Square is the highest quality, state-of-the-art, premium training facility of its kind in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, Evolve MMA has World Champion Instructors, modern state-of-the-art facilities, a comprehensive selection of martial arts classes, and the biggest class schedules in Asia. It offers a safe, fun, and supportive environment for everyone.



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Middleasy visited Evolve and made this video which was eventually rejected eventually by Evolve’s management. It shows the state of the art facilities and shows a BJJ training session featuring Shinya Aoki::

Over a year ago, I flew to Singapore in order to get the jump on the MMA industry and be the first site to thoroughly cover an emerging gym called ‘Evolve MMA.’ No one really knew much about it aside that it appeared to be a slice of Beverly Hills nestled deep in the South Pacific. Back in 2009, MiddleEasy broke the news about the grand opening of the gym and served the MMA world with some of the first pictures of the facility.

In early 2011, I took the pilgrimage to Singapore and met with Evolve MMA owner, Yodchatri Sityodtong. If you’re an avid MiddleEasy reader, then you probably remember the first article I composed on the gym with a tour of the Evolve MMA facility. Shortly after that feature was published, I promised all of you a second video which covered fighters actually training in the second Evolve MMA gym, also located in Singapore. Unfortunately, that video never surfaced — until now.

When I finalized the video, I sent it over to Yodchatri to get his opinion on the piece. Within seconds, I received an email with something along the lines of ‘Dude, don’t release this!’ Apparently, Yodchatri felt the video didn’t really do justice to the talent Evolve MMA truly had to offer. I guess he felt that a flying armbar performed by Shinya Aoki just wasn’t impressive enough. I think I responded to his email with ‘Look, we don’t have to release it, but it would be an incredible waste of really good hip-hop.’ There was no budging, so the feature was hacked, slashed and murdered on the MiddleEasy editing room floor.

Well, here’s the video that took me 48+ hours of traveling planet Earth just to complete. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s pretty damn slick.