How To Do The Cartwheel Guard Pass w/ Nick Rodriguez ADCC Silver Medalist

How To Do The Cartwheel Guard Pass w/ Nick Rodriguez ADCC Silver Medalist

The Cartwheel or Capoeira guard pass is one of the most spectacular guard passes out there.

Although it looks flashy, it’s not as difficult to do as you might think.

ADCC silver medalist Nick Rodriguez shows you can do the Cartwheel pass in No Gi. Rodriguez used this pass repeatidly in this year’s ADCC confusing his opponents and literally jumping over their guards.

Most people pass the guard on he side, but this pass goes over! This is a good way of passing someone with a high level guard.

It’s even better if you get straight to back control, like the way Rodriguez shows:


BJJ black belt Stephan Kesting teaches the Cartwheel Guard Pass for BJJ and Submission Grappling.

Kesting shows you an easy four step progression, including some drills you can do on your own, to incorporate this exciting move into your repertoire.


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