Gordo The Creator Of The Half Guard: ‘Competition Is Just A Small Part Of Jiu-Jitsu’



Photo: bjjpix.com

Roberto “Gordo” Correa is one of the most important figures in Jiu Jitsu’s panorama. An important competitor in the 1990′s, “Gordo” became a top instructor at the Gracie Barra academy, where he formed tremendous fighters such as Celso Vinicius, Braga Neto and many others. He has been sought out by experts in the grappling game to sharpen their tools, champions like Kyra Gracie and Vinicius Magalhaes though his biggest contribution to Jiu Jitsu is the half guard, a specific position that he developed when he was still a purple belt. Read his whole biography from BJJ Heroes.

In this documentary from BJJlibray.com, Gordo speaks about his journey and how he developed the half guard and gives good pointers and details for the half guard.