Difference Between Luta Livre and BJJ: Footlocks

Many BJJ practitioners wrongly believe that the Brazilian grappling art of Luta Livre is just a No Gi version of BJJ. This is simply not true. If you have rolled with a legit Luta Livre practitioner you will notice that they have a diffrent style than most BJJ practitioners. Luta Livre comes from catch wrestling and they have much more of a submission before position approach to grappling.

6x ADCC vet and Luta Livre black belt Nicolas Renier from France, can be considered the most accomplished Luta Livre grappler as alongside his 6 participations in ADCC competitions, he is a Fila World champion and medallist in big IBJJF competitions. He teaches in Paris, Paris at his academy nrfight.com .

Renier has produced a series of videos displaying the main stylistic diffreneces between BJJ and Luta Livre. He stresses that Luta Livre is more submission based than the classic BJJ principle of position before submission, and they tend to work on different transitions from various positions.

Here are some interesting examples when it comes to footlocks:


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