How to Breathe When You’re Trapped on the Bottom and Getting Crushed

How to Breathe When You’re Trapped on the Bottom and Getting Crushed

How do you breathe when you’re being crushed on the bottom? Like if you’re on the bottom and you’re just getting smashed and you can’t breathe, so how do you do it?

Stephen Kesting talks about claustrophobia in grappling:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic because years ago, I wrote an article on claustrophobia and jujitsu that really helped a lot of people so I thought we would share with the people some ideas about how to breathe when you’re on the bottom.

Step one and it’s the least important, is physical conditioning. The better your abs are and the better your cardio is then your ability to breathe properly when you are cut in half by pressure, will be.

Here are some more great physical, psychological and technical tips for dealing with this terrifying situation:

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