Always On The Offensive-Keeping Your Opponents Guessing With The Arm Triangle Submission Attack


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Having a killer instinct in BJJ is a must, especially when sniffing out submissions.  While being patient is also a valued trait, you must know when to pounce!

A submission that calls for this tool is the arm triangle submission.  A move that can present itself one moment, and disappear the next, the arm triangle is rather fundamental, but also can be tricky due to the timing of it all.

However, with proper pressure, timing and patience, the move can be done and cause major issues for your opponent.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that it isn’t very complicated!

Attacking With A Purpose








As we look for our arm triangle, it’s vital that we understand the power of the position we are currently in: the top side control position.  This is something that causes many issues for a good bulk of grapplers out there—no matter their belt ranking—and plays well into our favor.

As we look to pass, they will have their arm up in some manner looking to fend us off.  Once their arm is under our chin and we begin resisting it, they will add more force to it, which is when we want to slap their arm out from under our head and towards their ear.

Once we do this, it’s vital that we take our head and pin it onto their shoulder, which will help keep their arm in place.  As we are doing this, we’ll want to bring our hand to their hip, and bring our leg onto their belly, ending in a modified full mount.

We’re now in good shape to go for the kill!  The next step is to lock your hands together, which will begin to add pressure to the choke.  Now, you’ll want to replace your leg that is on his body with your other leg, allowing you pass fully to the other side of his body.

Now, sprawl your legs out backwards.  The goal is to have your chest and hips touching the mat while your right shoulder touches your right hand (or whichever side you are on for the sub!)

With everything in place, it’s time to finish the match and all we have to do here is simply and squeeze and BAM, submission central!

Here is another great article on the Arm Triangle Submission Attack from BJJ Addict.

Controlling Your Opponents Energy

This is an intriguing concept that crossed my mind.  When attacking for a move—especially from top side control—there will always be some sense of urgency.  However, this is a situation that will cause any opponent to freak out!

It’s vital that we maintain the position of our opponent, because the arm triangle is an ideal move to hit from side control, and we definitely do not want to lose out on it!  This is why making sure we stay heavy—especially when trying to switch sides of the body—is so important to hitting this move.

But enough talking and reading…time to go make some people tap out!

Dan Faggella