AJ Agazarm Uses Cauliflower To Flirt With Babe on Plane

AJ Agazarm Uses Cauliflower To Flirt With Babe on Plane

BJJ black belt AJ Agazarm is on a plane to Paris, France for a series of seminars and was bumped up to first class. He was lucky enough to be seated next a pretty girl. AJ went on his Facebook live and reached 13,500 views. He asked his fans how he should approach the girl.

Some comments:

kiss the cauliflower ear

Introduce yourself to her now! Live! Do it bro!!!

hey I heard that your flying attendant is a cute girl called Vagner Rocha, but watch your back!!!

As soon as you log off she’ll be wanting a private “no gi” class.

AJ opted for “excuse miss, my ear is bothering me can you have a look at it” and he showed his heavily cauliflowered ear. It got to the point where he asked her to lick his cauliflower ear.

For those that don’t know, when the ear receives a direct blow with enough force to damage the blood vessels in the skin, the area can quickly become inflamed and filled with thick blood and pus. This condition, commonly referred to as “cauliflower ear” due to its appearance, must be treated immediately. If not, the blood and pus can harden and cause a permanent disfigurement. You or a doctor need to drain the cauliflower ear to prevent such complications from happening.

Among grapplers, cauliflower ears are seen as a badge of honour.

Many non grapplers see cauliflower as a terrifying thing and fear that it will make them social outcasts, but AJ Agazrm proves that it isn’t case. If you have a nice personality, it can actually be an ice breaker to start conversations with strangers and some girls will even find it sexy…

Ronda Rousey had cauliflower ears in high school and was teased:

Ronda Rousey: ‘I Wasn’t Popular in High School, Cauliflower Ears & Ringworm Got Me Teased’

Watch AJ in action:

And the aftermath: