A Simple Concept To Massively Improve Your Takedowns

A Simple Concept To Massively Improve Your Takedowns


Many BJJ players go for 1 off attacks and these rarely work (unless you are bigger or stronger than you opponent). But more often than not if your opponent sees a one off attack coming, they will counter you or avoid your throw completely.

Combinations and setups are everything!!!
We need to be like a a boxer- we need to throw combinations in order to finish our opponent and get a winning throw.

In this video below Kit Dale shows a great concept that will massively improve your takedowns and throws. This means that you need to find and sequence throws together.


For example Osoto gari and Sasae tsuri komi ashi (and vice versa)
Harai goshi and tani otoshi (and vice versa)
Uchimata and ouchi gari (and vice versa)
Seoinage and kouchi gari (and vice versa)

Start sequencing your throws. Start faking in the opposite direction BEFORE you attack and I guarantee you will throw more people and you will finally enjoy the ‘chess match’ of BJJ more than you ever have before.


From Nic Gregoriades and Kit Dale’s Beyond Technique: