4 Ways To Surprise Your Opponent By Passing Straight To Mount

4 Ways To Surprise Your Opponent By Passing Straight To Mount


Passing straight to mount is a great option that saves you all the trouble of having to pass by half guard or side control in order of get to mount. You also get 7 points in a competition setting (3 for pass + 4 for mount).

Here are 4 distinct ways of passing straight to mount:


  1. Exploding hip approach:

Passing Directly from Guard to Mount with Coach Mikal from Cerebral BJJ. http://cerebralbjj.com


2.Forward hip approach (slower and with more pressure):

Butterfly guard pass to mount from Rickson Gracie black belt Jason Roebig from Axis Jiu-Jitsu Australia.


3.Side smash option:

Rafael Lovato Jr presents the Side Smash Pass from Headquarters position. Get instant access to Rafael Lovato Jr’s Seminar:


4.Double overhook leg weave option:


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