WPJJ 2012 summary: Eastern European athletes shine!

Camil Moldoveanu of Romania

This year’s Abu Dhabi World Pro BJJ is done and dusted. Eastern European athletes formed a big contingent and did not dissappoint!

Maria Malyjasiak from Poland, purple/brown/black belt silver medalist (losing honorably to Gabi Garcia!)
Camil Moldoveanu of Romania, purple belt gold medalist
Lena Zenkevitch of Russia, blue belt absolute gold & silver medalist
Hakim Shomirzoev from Russia blue belt silver medalist 
Anna Bartkowiak from Poland, blue belt women silver medalist 
Tereza Souza from Brazil/Hungary blue belt women silver medalist
Pascu Ion of Romania, white belt gold & Silver medalist

In the black belts:
Rodolfo Vieira and Gabi Garcia entered the 2012 World Abu Dhabi as favorites. And on Saturday they confirmed the expectations. Rodolfo repeated last year’s feat and, again won both absolute & weight. Gabi has already won her third World Pro championship and won the first contest of absolute women’s event.

Rodolfo Vieira from GF Team, finished Rodolfo Roberto Tossa in the category up to 94kg, with an armbar, ensuring the highest place on the podium. In all, the young sensation of Jiu-Jitsu passed by Bernardo Faria, in the semifinal, and collided with Andre Galvao, from Atos, who had overcome Xande Ribeiro. In the final (video below), Rodolfo outpointed Galvao 4-2 and conquered the title.

“I’m bursting with joy. I always pus the pace. Andre too, so it was a good fight. I managed to take him down, he sweeped and returned. I arrived on the side twice, but could not finish, “said Rodolfo, who had lost, no gi, to Galvao, while still a brown belt.

In females, the supremacy of Gabi Garcia continued. The Alliance athlete won her third championship tournament beating Maria Malyjasiak of Poland in the division above 72kg. In the absolute, a first time this year, the fighter also grabbed the gold. Gabi beat Beatriz Mesquita ,which was the same absolute final as the Worlds in the United States in 2011, by 3-0, and figured in the highest place of the podium.

“I’m very happy, I love fighting here. The people are very warm and I am very well treated, “cheered the black belt.

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