IBJJF Worlds PLAY BY PLAY and Results, Saturday June 2


Tune in here at 9am California time or 6pm Paris or Belgrade time on Saturday and Sunday ( June 2, 3 )  for the live play by play right  here on BJJ EASTERN EUROPE!

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The schedule: http://www.ibjjf.org/cronomundial2012.htm
The Brackets: http://www.usbjjf.org/bracket_viewer/Bracket.html
Results so far: http://www.ibjjfdb.com/Campeonato/PublicResults?CampeonatoId=114&CultureInfo=en-US
 A good preview for the Worlds: http://www.bjjeasteurope.com/2012/05/ibjjf-worlds-2012-analysis-predictions.html
Preview of Male Brown and Women’s Black Belts: http://www.bjjeasteurope.com/2012/05/ibjjf-worlds-brown-belts-womens-black.html

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09:23 am: Ok We are live!!
09:24 am: Watching brown adult male meio pesado. Sebastian Brosche from Sweden at the moment. He’s down on point 3-4. Time runs out and Sebastian loses. Sebastian was one of the favorites for the brown belt. As he won the Purple weight and absolute last year at the Worlds! He is out of this year’s Worlds by losing to his first opponent Victor Santos (GF TEAM).
09:30 The black belt Open weght will start in 1h15 mins. At the moment we have the brown belts from middle heavy and up.
09:48 Watching Johannes Wieth (Ribeiro BJJ) from Germany against his first opponent Rhadames Familia from Alliance! Johannes has taken the back and bow and arrows him!
10:There was some controversy yesterday with Team Lloyd Irvin. During DJ Jackson’s fight, Master Lloyd Irvin started a countdown and DJ’s opponent thought the match was over and started relaxing, at that moment DJ shot for a takedown and got 2 points…
10:05 Watching Lucas Rocha from Gracie Barra. He got mounted and choked out! In his first match! Very surprising as Lucas Rocha won everything from blue to brown and seems to have dropped in form since 2010.
10:12: Johannes Wieth’s second match now against a Ralph Gracie opponent. Exchanging grips standing, Kataguruma throw from Johannes, half guard then mounts, gets the back and bow and arrow chokes his opponent. Just like his first match.
10:30: Guys check out this great website: http://www.ilovebjj.com/  Black belts Open class are starting in 10 mins!
10:37: Watching the UK’s Luke Costello. Super Heavy Brown belt. Luke has won the Europeans and is the UKs big hope for a medal together with Stephen Martin. He is trailing 2-0. Luc gets his guard passed. Luke loses on points. Luke gets 2nd place in Super Heavy brown.
10:54: Tracey Goodell from (Atos) is up. She loses 2-0. Nyjah Easton puts her opponent to sleep. Dern up now.
11:00Mackenzie Dern now, she gets a fast mount. She chokes out her opponent.
11:07: The Absolute black belt has started. Here are the Absolute black belt brackets: Possible match ups, Oli Guedes vs Bernardo Faria, Rodolfo Vieira vs Buchecha, Marcos Souza vs  Bernardo Faria, Neiman Gracie vs Xande Ribeiro, Romulo Barral vs Cara de Sapato!
11:15: Leandro Lo vs Alexandre Cicconi at the moment. Leandro Lo working his guard. Alexandre is frustrated and can’t pass the guard. Lo takes sweeps Alexandre! Wins 2-0! Murilo Santana is through!
11:21: Angelica Glavao loses.
11:24 Oli Guedes now vs Takeshi Morimoto. Oli wins by kimura from bottom half.
11:42 Cyborg vs Murilo Santana. Cyborg sweeps. Murilo reverses. Tornado guard sweep from Cyborg. This is a crazy up and down match. Santana is game against the much bigger Cyborg. Cyborg is just like a big cat. Cyborg takes it on points.
11:52. Apparently Marcio pe de Pano Cruz is in Great shape this year! Can’t wait to see him.
11:54 Xande vs Ryan Beauregard. Exchanging grips. Xande pulls guard. Xande has 3 advantages but still 0-0. Xande beats Ryan on points.
11:54 big Mic Wilson triangles Gibson Sa! This guy is huge! Bernardo Faria beats Oli Geudes by 2 points.
12:01 Pe de Pano up now vs Daniel Silva from Checkmat. PDP up 4-0, he’s got the triangle and the tap. PDP is through.
12:06 Rodolfo Vieira now, easily passes to mount but loses position, gets the mount again and cross chokes his opponent.
12:09 Buchecha takes out his first opponent with a quick armlock, and submits Tussa Alencar with a quick triangle!!! Can’t wait to see him against Rodlofo!
12:16 Pe de Pano vs Cyborg. PDP sweeps and up 2-0, Cyborg tornado sweeps PDP! What power! 2-2. Cyborg gets the back,  PDP escapes. Cyborg wins on points.
12:25 Rodolfo up vs James Puopulo in his second match. Gets the back and chokes him out. Easy. He will face Buchecha next!
12:30 Cara de sapato vs Leandro Lo. Both pull guard and Leandro gets up, so gets a advantage. It’s a 50/50 guard battle. Cara de sapato wins by advantage it was close!
12:41 Rodolfo Vieira vs Buchecha. Buchecha pulls guard and sweeps! Buchecha up 2-0. Rodolfo gets an omoplata, and sweeps. Tied. He passes, Rodolfo leads 5-2, Buchecha gets a tight kneebar, Rodolfo defends, and Buchecha sweeps, 5-4. Rodolfo sweeps, 7-4.  They’re standing.  Buchecha pulls guard and sweeps, and takes Rodolfo down! 8-7 for Buchecha!!! Rodolfo gets a tight armbar but Buchecha escapes! Buchecha wins 8-7!!! Amazing!
13:00 Bernardo Faria vs Cyborg. Cyborg survives a bow and arrow choke attempt. Bernardo taps Cyborg with a armbar from the mount. Faria is in shape!
13:10 Luana Alziguir loses in her weight class. Big upset!
13:17 Some blue belts are on, so I’m taking a breather.
13:29 Romulo Barral now against Cara de sapato. CDS beats Romulo on points. So Carade Sapato vs the winner of Xande vs Leo Nogueira.
13:35 Bernardo Faria vs Buchecha! This is a good matchup. Bernardo pulls half guard. Bernardo tries to jump to the back, fails, and Buchecha gets 2 points and passes the guard. 5-0 for Buchecha. Complete domination of Buchecha.Amazing back take by Buchecha and he chokes out Bernardo Faria!
13:50 Xande vs leo Nogueira from Alliance. Leo pulls half guard, and x guard sweeps Xande. Leo up 2-0. Leo tries the Tozi/ Sao paulo pass, doesn’t work. Xande is still playing closed guard and he’s down 2-0. They are stcuk in 50/50 guard. Xande needs just a sweep to win. Leo Nogueiro beats Xandde Ribeiro! Leo will face Cara de Sapato and the winner will face Buchecha tomorrow in the final.

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14:25 Jordy Peute from Holland wins his first match in the black belt feather
14:27 Cara de Sapato vs Leo Nogueiro, the last black belt semi final coming up. Grip fighting, nice drop seoi nage by Cara! Cara is now in Leo’s guard. Leo sweeps and is now in top half guard. Leo gets mount. 9-2. Leo Nogueira wins on point and will face Buchecha tomorrow for the absolute finals!
15:00 Many more superstars coming up like Kron Gracie, Mendes Bros, Alexander Trans, etc..! No sleeping yet!
15:15 Rafa Mendes beats his first opponent by brabo choke in under a minute!
15:15 Bruno Malfacine now up against Jordy Peute from Holland. Orlando wins, bruno malfacine is up by 10, and taps out Jordy. Samir wins and dj Jackson is just on the mat now
15:30 Caio Terra vs Pablo Texeira, Caio gets the armbar.
15:35 Rafa Mendes, in his second match, he is having an easy time his opponent, passing his guard effortlessly, guard passing him  from side to side, what a BJJ clinic, taps him with a kimura. Beautiful!
15:50 Justin Rader is through
15:52 Kyra Gracie representing Atos now vs Julian Mendes Nogeura from BTT. Kyra finishing from Crucifix. Very sharp!
16:06 Michelle Nicolini working to catch a foot, ends up finishing with a wrist lock.
I posted some youtube videos of Rafa Mendes, Caio Terra, you can see them on our Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/Brazilian.Jiu.jitsu.Eastern.Europe
16:15Kyra lost.  Cobrinha doing his show! Triangle to omoplata to triangle, to reverse triangle! His opponent is resisting till the end.
Leticia working kneebars, Dj Jackson gets submitted. Felipe Pena beats the big heavyweight from Lloyd Irvin.
Mario Reis working a omoplata against Samir Chantre, and taps him with an armbar. Impressive.
Felipe Pena in the brown belt absolute. Felipe is Romulo Barral’s student. Felipe taps his opponent with a collar choke from the back.
Cobrinha vs Edson Oliveira, taps him with a back choke.
16:47 Renato Tavares wins from the back!
Ary Farias footlocks somebody in under 10 seconds!
17:13 Felipe Pena against Buchecha’s clone (looks exactly like him but at brown belt) John Gabriel,from Soul Fighters, who chased the absolute gold for a long time. It came today in the brown belt. At the final, he defeated another beast, Felipe Neto, pupil of Romulo Barral. For completeness, he also won the super-heavy!
17:33 Bill Cooper and Leandro Lo both through in impressive fashion.
17:34 Kron Gracie now up. Kron gets sweeped and sweeps right back. Kron is attacking but his opponentg is defending well. Wow Kron pulls off a sweep and submits his first opponent!
17:57 Lucas Leite beats his first two opponents
17:57 JT Torres doublelegs his opponent, and back chokes him. Otavio Sousa mounting his opponents and working submits with the cross choke.
18:14 Roberto Satoshi against a GFTeam fighter now. Satoshi wins and so does Kron.
18:30 In an uneventful fight, Keenan Cornelius beat Paulo Miyao by one advantage for the purple belt absolute gold. With that, Keenan achieved the grand slam by winning weight and absolute at each of IBJJF four major events, the Euro Open, Brazilian Nationals, Pan and Worlds. About his achievement, Keenan said: “I am relieved! That was the goal i set for myself at the beggining of the year and i finally made it. I think that what gives me the advantage is the training I get from Lloyd Irvin Team. For example, I learned that I can not get into Paulo’s guard once I am not good enough to pass it, but I can score with sweeps”. Keenan has an idea of where he is going now: “I hope I get the brown belt when I get back to the gym.”
19:15 Mackenzie Dern fought like a veteran at the Worlds 2012. After winning the featherweight brown belt, the daughter of Megaton went for the absolute. And it worked! After four fights, Megatinha tapped out Ana Carolina Lebre with a foot lock to secure the gold. The fight between teammates earned a certain stress between Mackenzie and Leticia Ribeiro at the end. The champion found that Leticia instructed only Ana Carol during the fight.

Black belt male Quarter finals:

– Milton Carlos x Rafael Freitas
– Bruno Malfacine x João Carlos Hiroshi
– Felipe Costa x Koji Shibamoto
– Caio Terra x Brandon Mullins

– Ary Farias x Carlos Holanda
– Laércio Fernandes x Samuel Braga
– Gabriel Wilcox x Pablo Santos
– Guilherme Mendes x Henrique Costa

– Rafael Mendes x Takayuki Koyama
– Osvaldo Augusto x Leonardo Saggloro
– Rubens Cobrinha x Eduardo da Silva
– Marcelino Freitas x Mário Reis

– Renan Borges x Lucas Lepri
– Vinicius Marinho x Phillipe Della Monica
– Rodrigo Caporal x Leandro Lo
– JT Torres x Roberto Satoshi

– Lucas Leite x Daniel Garcia
– Otávio Souza x Kron Gracie
– Cláudio Calasans x Alan Finfou
– Victor Estima x Diego Borges

– Ian McPearson x Rodrigo Pinheiro
– Diogo Araújo x Eduardo Português
– Rômulo Barral x Diego Herzog
– Rafael Lovato x Dimitrius Souza

– Yuri Simões x Xande Ribeiro
– Roberto “Tussa” Alencar x Ricardo Henrique
– Fabiano De Souza x Rodolfo Vieira
– Paulo Jardim x Alexandro Ceconi

– Bernardo Faria x Andre Simões
– Cara de Sapato x André Alberto Campos
– Leo Nogueira x Paulo Vitor Martins
– Felipe Menezes x Gustavo Pires

– Igor Silva x Marcus Buchecha
– Márcio Pé de Pano x Antonio Peinado
– Carlos Eduardo Farias x Ricardo Evangelista
– Rodrigo Comprido x Alexander Trans

Black belt female finals:
Light Feather: Miriam Cerqueira vs. Leticia Ribeiro
Feather: Marina Ribeiro vs. Michelle Nicolini
Light: Beatriz Mesquita vs. Luiza Monteiro
Middle: Luanna Alzuguir vs. Vanessa Oliveira
Middleheavy: Penny Thomas vs.. Fernanda Mazzeli
Heavy: Gabi Garcia vs. Tammy Griecco
Absolute: Gabi Garcia vs. Luiza Monteiro

OK guys that all for today. I’m going to sleep. ! OSSS!