European & Worldwide aces to watch out for at the IBJJF Worlds next week

It’s that time of year again, where the world’s best BJJ players meet up in California and decide who is the best.
There will be a large contingent of European players this year. Unfortunately there won’t be many Polish players. here are the aces to look out for at blue, purple and brown belt. As usual we will be doing a LIVE PLAY BY PLAY of the Worlds right here on BJJ EASTERN EUROPE

Here is the complete list of competitors:

Camil Moldoveanu (Absoluto BJJ/ Romania) Camil won the Europeans at white, blue & purple in consecutive years and won this year’s World Pro. He is one of the favorites for the Worlds.

Johannes Wieth (Ribeiro JJ/ Germany) Johannes has won the Worlds at Blue and Purple and will look to become Brown Belt world champion after coming in 2nd last year.

Matko Kvesic (Alliance/ Croatia) Matko is arguably the best BJJ player in South East Europe. He took a silver as a blue belt a few years ago. He will try to take the brown belt World title.

Luca Anacoreta (Aeterna/Italy) Luca won the Europeans at Brown and also beat renowned black belt Mathias Ribeiro this year on the way to winning the Portugal trials for the World Pro.

Stephen Martin (UK/ GB Birmingham) He won this year’s Europeans at Brown and also won the Brasileiros at Purple.

Asa Nadarevic (Alliance/ Croatia) Came Second at this years Europeans at blue.

David Vojnovic (Alliance/ Croatia)

Samir Dacic (Werdum/ Croatia/ Switzerland)

Martin Starcevic (Alliance/ Croatia)

Zvonimir Ucovic (Alliance/ Croatia)

Bahman Ali (Werdum/ Switzerland)

Tudor Mihaita (Absoluto/ Romania)

Daud Adaev (Gracie Barra Moscow/ Russia)

Levente Varga (Gracie Barra/ Hungary)

Attila Bánfi  (Gracie Barra/ Hungary)

Patrick De Caro (In Out/ Switzerland)

Yasmine Wilson at Purple Feather Female (two time Abu Dhabi Pro qualifier)

Also Christine McDonagh in the same category.

Ilke Bulut, Darragh O’Conail, Thomas Oyarzun, Simone Franchescini, Julien & Nicolas Gaillard, and Adam Adshead at Brown, who are all beasts.

Former European Champion Ross Nicholls at Purple Light.

European Weight and Open Champion Janni Larsson at Purple Middle Female.

Multiple time European Champion Julien Genin at Purple Ultra Heavy.

Daniel Svensson (multiple time Abu Dhabi Pro qualifier) at Purple Light.

World Champion Bruno Tomasetti at Purple Super-Heavy.


I would just add these competitors to their list:

Keenan Cornelius: He submitted Joao Miyao at Pan Ams in 48 secs. Beat Michael Liera Jr via submission at the NY Open to go to WJJP. My money’s on him.

DJ Jackson (Lloyd Irvin)

Sebastian Brosche (Sweden) from Frontline Academy won purple belt absolute and his own weight class in 2010, and is now a brown belt. Watch out!

Ralph Go (Atos Philippines)

Gianni Grippo (Renzo Gracie)

Alec Baulding (Lloyd Irvin)

Carol isn’t quite a revelation, but she is a great one to gamble on after all those years dedicated to the Lebre family mission. The Gracie Humaitá brown belt is one of the favorites to take gold at lightweight. We’re banking on a highly technical showdown between Carol and featherweight Mackenzie Dern in the absolute.

With such an ample array of promising athletes, the blue belt division is a jungle. The heavyweight Max Gimenis of GFTeam, however, looks good to brave the wild and come out in one piece. Maybe even with two golds, since current absolute world champ Rodolfo Vieira’s money is riding on him.

The blue belt world champion in 2011, the Atos lightweight is now gearing up for gold at purple. From the same academy and worth a wager, at brown belt: Ralph Go at lightweight and Ronaldo Cândido at light featherweight, and first lady Angélica Galvão, who’s recovered from an injured arm and is raring to go in the brown belt female division and make her hubby, André Galvão, proud.

A brown belt from Gracie Barra, he’s one of the sternest obstacles in the path of another ultraheavyweight divisional talent, the always exciting Wilbur Leonard of Lloyd Irvin academy. Orlando is riding the wake of his gold medal-winning campaign at the Brazilian National Championship earlier this May.

The Godói Jiu-Jitsu brown belt snapped up two medals at the last Worlds, at weight and absolute. He’ll be fighting to defend his roost again this year.

Having racked up quite a collection of medals at the Pans, Benny is one of the brown belts with a future signed up for this Worlds. Watch out for the middleweight Ralph Gracie understudy.

Team Alliance’s Rodrigo da Conceição Barbosa, otherwise known as Aquiles, will surely be the athlete with the winningest smile at the 2012 World Championship. His opponents in the brown belt lightweight division won’t be all too smiley, though.

Representing Alliance NYC, Ecuador’s “Sinistro” Iturralde will be making his maiden incursion into the Worlds as a brown belt. Keep an eye peeled for his terror-wreaking guard.

A brown belt with a knack for finishing, Renato Cardoso is one of the middleweights with the biggest buzz about him, following his romp through the absolute division at the Pan. Besides the CheckMat Santos beast, other solid names at brown are Felipe Pena of GB BH and João Gabriel Rocha of Soul Fighters in Rio, familiar faces to GRACIEMAG.com readers.

How can anyone keep João and Paulo Miyao apart, even if just in a poll? The Cicero Costha-trained siblings are signed up in the light featherweight purple belt division. Keep an eye on them to learn a thing or two about sweeps and fearlessness—since the slight-framed pair are likely to try their hand in the absolute.