Yoga Can Change Your Jiu-Jitsu – Start Doing It Today

Yoga Can Change Your Jiu-Jitsu – Start Doing It Today

Becoming really good in Jiu-Jitsu has got more to do than with “just” rolling and drilling as often as possible… It’s also about becoming mobile and injury-free enough so that you can keep training and reach your movement potential.
And, well, yoga can help tremendously with that.

Wrestlers try to take opponents down and keep them there, Judo fighters try to throw their opponents to the ground, but BJJ fighters look to submit their opponent. This unique aspect of BJJ is credited for a lot of its effectiveness. 

There’s an old saying used in BJJ circles that illustrates this point, ‘Wrestling teaches you how to get into position, while BJJ teaches you how to pull the trigger’. BJJ practitioners also learn how to take down and control opponents on the mat so they can bring fights to a definitive ending. 

When it comes to BJJ, the flexibility of your hips plays a huge role when it comes to escaping and holding positions. You will often hear your BJJ instructor telling a student to ‘put their hips into it.’ Countless BJJ techniques require hips flexibility to execute from bridging to sprawling. 

Here’s how and why yoga can help your BJJ. Sebastian Brosche explains in a conversation with Bernardo Faria:


  • This program will give you the foundation you need to establish a regular recovery practice at home, on the mats before / after training, before competition and especially when you feel sore after open mat.
  • Sebastian’s years of both judo and jiu jitsu experience have taken him around the world, so he knows just how challenging it is for grapplers to stay flexible and injury free.
  • Yoga for BJJ’s message is that we all do 100% of jiu jitsu with the one body we haveregularly is important.