Want To Lift Weights For BJJ? Try Doing This

Want To Lift Weights For BJJ? Try Doing This

Lifting weights and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… They go together like bread and butter. And no, don’t listen to those cynical training partners! Being “really strong” in a roll is a great compliment.
Sure, truth be told, you do need to be focused on your technique first. But becoming strong is as vital to your BJJ success as becoming technical is.

But how are you supposed to start going to the gym when you train BJJ? How are you going to exercise as much as possible, without getting too exhausted for Jiu-Jitsu?
Here’s an answer that will make your life a whole lot easier: the JuggernautBJJ app.



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is already complicated enough. There are so many techniques and details to learn, drill, and use in live rolls.
So, you really don’t want to make the rest of your training any more complicated than it needs to be. Going to the gym and lifting weights should be simple enough… But, the reality is there’s a lot to take into consideration when figuring out your workout plan.

You need to take into account the frequency and intensity of training. You need to figure out which exercises to do and how to do them. And you need to mix up your training routine on a regular-enough basis so that your body keeps growing stronger. Without injuring it.
Complicated? Of course it is. Which is why the JuggernautBJJ app is going to be of tremendous help to you.



The beauty of the JuggernautBJJ app is that it creates a personalized training program, just for you.

How? Well, after you download and install the app, you’ll have to enter some basic information about yourself: your gender, age, size, lifting and BJJ training experience.
From there, you can choose between 5 different goals behind your gym training: developing strength, speed/power, endurance, preparing for a tournament, and the lifestyle program.

JuggernautBJJ interface no1JuggernautBJJ interface no2

Once you’ve done that, you can choose how many days per week you can dedicate to lifting:

JuggernautBJJ app interface no3

And from here on out, the JuggernautBJJ app’s system will create and guide you through your very own, personalized training program.
It will adapt your training on a regular basis, through the feedback it receives via the Daily Readiness Questionnaire, Intra-Session Performance Ratings, and End of Session Check-Ins.



Still not decided? Here’s a quick summary of what the JuggernautBJJ app offers… And some of the aditional features it has (for example, the 400+ exercises database!):

  • Individualized training volume, based on your gender, age, size, experience, and frequency of BJJ training
  • 2, 3, and 4 days/week program options that focus on:
    • Strength
    • Speed/Power
    • Endurance
    • Tournament Preparation
    • Lifestyle training
  • Programs that constantly adapt to your feedback
  • Database of 400+ exercises: their demonstrations and coaching cues
  • Community support


With that said, it is Chad Wesley Smith – BJJ purple belt and the same person behind the famed Juggernaut Training Systems – who stands behind this unique training app.

So go for it, give it a shot; there’s a free trial period. Later on, you can save additionally by using the code „BJJEE“.
Start lifting and become stronger for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Download the JuggernautBJJ app via the following link: https://www.juggernautbjj.app/