Submission Strength for BJJ: Strength and Conditioning Secrets Revealed



The old saying goes, there’s a thousand ways to skin a cat. We can defiantly see this in the world of strength in conditioning for combat sport athletes. Just go ahead and pop in google “MMA strength and conditioning” and you will find thousands of different sites giving out thousands of different programs. It can be very confusing and often it is hard to know which routine we should follow. So today I’m going to break on down the best and most up to date information on gaining strength for BJJ.

Submission strength

Have you ever gotten into a position where you set up a submission and you can’t finish it either due to fatigue or because your opponent is just too strong for you? I know that I sure have. This is why strength training is important for BJJ. This does not mean that by just being strong that you will win. It means that with the combination of strength, proper technique, and a solid game plan we can win competitions and fights. If you are serious about improving your submission strength then look no further than Eric Wong’s Python Power course. This course uses the most up to date information out there to get your muscular endurance and power a step above the rest with the help of some sweet PDF’s and videos. You can check out the full review to the course here at Science of Skill.

Designing a program for you

One thing that is hard about designing a strength and conditioning program for BJJ and MMA is that we have to cover so many different areas of fitness without over training. We do not have the luxury to spend hours upon hours getting shredded up in the gym because we will be too tired for our technical training which leads to over training and injuries.  When I make a program I make sure to not incorporate more than 5 exercises and each one covers a different aspect of physical fitness. For example I will have a different exercise for power, endurance, core, grip strength, and hip strength.  You can watch Lovato and Rader training in the video below

Here’s a sample of one of my days:

Excersize                                             Reps                      Sets                       Tempo                                  Rest

Bent over DB rows                          6-8                          3-6                          1-0-3                                      2 min

Bench step overs                             6-8 per                  2-4                          control                                  1-2 min

Towel Bicep Curls                             6-8                          2-5                          control                                  1-2 min

Flat DB press on stability ball       8-12                       2-5“                       control                                  1-2 min

Hanging leg raises                            12-20                     3                              control                                  1-2 min

It is important we properly warm up before we workout and you can learn more about dynamic warm ups in this article on BJJ.org (http://www.bjj.org/dynamic-warm-ups-for-combat-sport-athletes). You can go ahead and design your own plan or you can pick up one of Eric’s courses which is full of the most up to date content and it is all laid out for you. Once you have a cutting edge strength and conditioning program you will start to notice how much easier you will be able to fight. You will start dominating opponents and it will take much longer for you to gas out. It’s a win win situation and all you need to do is put in the time and effort. So do yourself a favor and pick up Python Power and let me know how you like it!

Train hard

Dan Faggella

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