Marcus Buchecha Shares His Bodyweight Training Routine

Marcus Buchecha Shares His Bodyweight Training Routine

Record holder of titles in the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship, Marcus Buchecha will have to wait a bit before returning to competition. With the postponement of the main IBJJF tournaments, the champion will experience an even greater hiatus from the tournaments.

However, Buchecha does not intend to stay put. Adept of other sports, such as surfing and snowboarding, Bucheca continues with his training at home.

Buchecha recorded his exercises on video with the explanation of the series for you to repeat at home, and train like a true Jiu-Jitsu champion. Check out the video below!

– Warm up of choice

Station A:
– A1 Medball Push up Switches 3 x 20
– A2 Medball V-Ups 3 x 15
– A3 Banded lateral side pulls 3 x 30 sec

Station B:
– B1 Medball toe taps 3 x 30 sec
– B2 Medball Mountain Climbers 3 x 40
– B3 Medball Hand release Thrusters 3 x 15

Station C:
– C1 Medball Burpee 3 x 15
– C2 Medball Russian Twists 3 x 30
– C3 Medball Lunge to rotation 3 x 10 (each side)


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Here’s another Buchecha workout:

20 Seconds each exercise
Forward/back squat
Donkey kicks
Low prisoner jacks
(Repeat 4 rounds)


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