How Should Strength Training Look Like for BJJ Practitioners?

How Should Strength Training Look Like for BJJ Practitioners?

So you want to introduce strength training into your BJJ routine? Fair enough – and good choice on your behalf, as becoming stronger will both turn you into a better Jiujiteiro and make you more injury-proof.
However, stepping foot into the gym can be confusing. And if you’re a BJJ student who doesn’t know much about lifting weights, whose primary focus is Jiu-Jitsu, and who doesn’t have all that much free time for training anyway… Things get really complicated, really fast.

Well buckle up, because things get even more hectic. For, if you truly want to become stronger, then you’ll need to follow a training program that needs:

  • To be catered to your BJJ goals (it isn’t the same to prep for a competition and to just get in a better shape)
  • To have proper periodization, which ensures that you won’t get exhausted (and injured)
  • To possess BJJ-specific exercises which make sense for the sport – which aren’t just “randomly chosen” from a set of weightlifting exercises
  • To set you up with the right volume, intensity, and frequency of training
  • And, lastly, to make you better in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; not just in lifting weights themselves


So, it’s safe to say that it can get notoriously difficult to get all of these things right. It can take a long time of trial and error before you find the right formula for yourself.

Luckily enough, there is a solution that will fast-track you towards your strength training goals… And that’s the JuggernautBJJ app!



The JuggernautBJJ app creates a workout program that’s tailored just for you; to your goals and experience – and then adjusts it along the way through its Daily Readiness Questionnaire, Intra-Session Performance Ratings, and End of Session Check-Ins.

In other words, the app makes it possible for you to just work out, without taking too many things into consideration.
It features:

  • Individualized training volume, based on your gender, age, size, experience, and frequency of BJJ training
  • 2, 3, and 4 days/week program options that focus on:
    • Strength
    • Speed/Power
    • Endurance
    • Tournament Preparation
    • Lifestyle training
  • Programs that constantly adapt to your feedback
  • Database of 400+ exercises: their demonstrations and coaching cues
  • Community support


Still not decided? If that’s the case, then keep in mind that the man behind the app is Chad Wesley Smith – a BJJ purple belt and the same person behind the famed Juggernaut Training Systems; the platform which has trained over 45,000 lifters since 2009.
With that said, coach Chad is heavily involved in training BJJ athletes and champions, such as Romulo Barral and Otavio Sousa.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the app on the following link (the first week is free) and start getting stronger for BJJ.